Metabolic Testing in Dublin 24

09 May 2019

Did you know that Westpark Fitness is home to the headquarters of Health Matters? This offers you amazing metabolic testing in Dublin 24 right here in our premier fitness facility. Health Matters has been providing this service for over eight years now and is a credit to have as part of our offering. Their services can really make the difference in your training and help you to reach your health and fitness goals (i.e. looking to lose / gain weight, looking to tone up etc.) with insights that can lead to a breakthrough in your progress.

Metabolic Testing in Dublin 24

metabolic testing in dublin 24 at westpark fitness with health matters woman sitting on chair wearing a breathing mask with a long tube

Located within Westpark Fitness itself, Health Matters utilises innovative equipment and testing methods to give you a reading and better understanding of how your body works – both during resting periods and more active periods. Empowered with this information, you can work with your body (instead of against its natural design and limitations) to turbocharge both your nutrition and training to help you reach your goals. Our assistant manager Alison recently completed metabolic testing with them and shares her experience here:

Why did you go to Health Matters?
“I wanted to know how much calories I should be aiming for daily in order to lose weight. While I know the general guidelines and recommended daily amounts, I had never had my own body tested before to know exactly what amount was right for me. So with Health Matters, Sean [the owner] was able to discover exactly that.”

What did the test consist of?
“For what I was looking to find out, the test was quite simple in that it only took twelve minutes and consisted of me sitting down using some breathing apparatus. This works to establish the amount of energy being used, measured by calories, while my body is resting or not completing a physical activity – known as being at the metabolic rate. It was all very relaxed and calm while the machines took their readings. I know that there are other forms of testing that they can do such as using the apparatus on an exercise bike, so this is something I want to try next to see what my more active rate is.”

metabolic testing in dublin 24 at westpark fitness with health matters man and woman sitting opposite each other at a desk both looking at a sheet of paper

What did you leave with?
“Well you are given a sheet printed with your individual results that you can look over again, but Sean talks you through this anyway. He also gives really really good information and advice on nutrition, so you know what calories to aim for and what foods to eat to help with this goal. I think the biggest thing however is the sense of understanding you get in that I know exactly what my body needs. General guidelines and frameworks are great as a guide, but I really like knowing what scientifically works for me and can tailor my plans to these exact specifications.”

How would you review your experience?
“I would highly recommend booking in with Sean from Health Matters. You will be blown away by his knowledge and also the results. He says that many people are surprised by what calorie amounts and numbers their body actually needs for their goals as many people had thought they were doing the right thing, but were nearly doing the opposite of what their body needed! So it’s nothing but a good review from me and for Sean in particular – a great and friendly guy who makes the whole process easy and enjoyable. Really looking forward to going back to be tested on an exercise bike next and see what my numbers and rates are like during my more active phases.”

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