Potato and Leek Soup – Recipe of the Week

11 May 2019

As we (hopefully) finally move into warmer and milder weather, we may not have soup as much until autumn and winter rolls around again. As such, it makes sense to use up any of your winter warmer ingredients that you have at home in a delicious and nutritious way. That is why we present to you this potato and leek soup recipe from Shape My Plan today – a simply satisfying recipe filled with healthy vegetables that your body is sure to love and appreciate.

Potato and Leek Soup

westpark fitness potato and leek soup in a white bowl served with a garnish of fresh parsley

Recipe Ingredients List

  • Potatoes (500g)
  • Leeks (three / 250g)
  • Onion (one)
  • Chicken or Vegetable Stock (1.2 litres)
  • Single Cream (150ml)
  • Butter (25g)
  • Parsley or Chives (two tablespoons either chopped or snipped)
  • Lemon Juice (one teaspoon)
  • Nutmeg (optional to taste)

Step 1
Trim the leeks but take care in leaving some of the green parts at the tops as this adds an appealing colour to the soup. Cut the leeks lengthwise in half and then across in smaller slices (around 5mm or a quarter of an inch thick). Rinse them in a colander with plenty of water and then drain them well.

Step 2
Peel the onion and then cut into slices that are roughly the same thickness as the sliced leeks. Place the pan onto the hob (on a medium heat) and add the butter to it. Once this has melted and started to foam, add both the leek and onion slices into the pan.

Step 3
Stir everything together in the pan so that both the leeks and onions are as evenly coated in butter as possible. Next, peel the potatoes and cut them into similar small slices around 5mm or a quarter of an inch thick. Add these to the pan then also.

Step 4
Make the stock of your choice (either chicken or vegetable) using hot water and then add this to the pan too. At this stage you can add salt and pepper to season, but take care when using the salt as the stock may already contain enough and you don’t want to overpower the taste.

Step 5
Turn the heat up so that the pan is brought to the boil and then add about eight gratings of fresh nutmeg (or about a teaspoon of ground nutmeg) – if you like this flavour and taste which traditionally works well with potato and leek soup. Reduce the heat, cover the pan and then simmer for about ten minutes or until the vegetables are soft.

Step 6
Next, purée the mixture using an electric handheld blender; or allow it to cool slightly before transferring to a traditional blender to blend in batches. Once blended, bring the soup to boil over a medium heat, reduce the heat and then stir in the cream and lemon juice.

Step 7
The final step is to check that you are happy with the seasoning, garnish with fresh herbs (either chop up some parsley or add some snipped chives), serve and enjoy!

This recipe comes from Shape My Plan who we have partnered with to empower our members with recipes like this, tailored meal plans and a food intake tracker. Normally €12 per month, Westpark Fitness members can get this amazing app for only €4 per month!

For more information and to get Shape My Plan, either click / tap here or enquire at reception!

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