Functional Movement Lunge – Exercise of the Week

07 Oct 2019

We place a big emphasis on proper form and posture when it comes to exercising. That is why for our exercise of the week this week we bring you the functional movement lunge. This works to assess your body alignment and make sure your spine remains in the correct position when completing functional movements and exercises that require the use of weights.

Functional Movement Lunge

functional movement lunge exerise of the week at westpark fitness

For this exercise, you will need a mobility bar. Begin by standing up straight and using one hand to hold the mobility bar behind you. It should sit against your spine and rest in between your shoulder blades. Make sure that you are looking straight ahead, your feet are close together and you are standing tall. Hold this solid position as you move on to complete the second part of this exercise.

functional movement lunge exerise of the week at westpark fitness
When ready, drop down into a lunge position by bending down on your knee with one foot and keeping your other foot flat on the floor. The key here is that the mobility bar should not move and remain perfectly straight at all times. This bar mimics how your spine (from your neck down to your tail bone) should be to ensure your posture and form remains precise. As a lunge is a functional movement that your body can complete, your spine should remain in perfect alignment when completing it.

Functional movement is a key aspect to consider and work upon with all of your exercises and workouts. By keeping it in mind and working to perfect it, functional movement can help to alleviate pain patterns and work to empower your body with correct alignment and natural movement inclinations that work with the build and kinetic chain of your body. Ask any of our fitness team if you would like any more advice and / or demonstrations on functional fitness and functional movement.

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