Recipe of the Week – Custom Stir Fry

21 Sep 2019

Our recipe of the week this week is a healthy stir fry that you can customise yourself to suit your fitness and nutrition goals. We provide some ingredients options here to show you how to make it, but feel free to mix and match with what you like instead for a truly custom stir fry!

Custom Stir Fry

custom stir fry recipe of the week at westpark fitness

Recipe Ingredients List

  • Chicken Fillets (two)
  • Brown Rice (250g)
  • Red Pepper (one)
  • Baby Sweetcorn (four cobs)
  • Peas (50g)
  • Sweet Chilli Sauce

Step 1
Add a small amount of oil to a wok and heat this over a medium heat until it thins out to a liquid. Cut the chicken breasts up into small chunks and add these to the wok. Continuously stir the chicken around for five minutes using a spatula and making sure that each side of the chunks are cooked and turn white (you should not see any pink colour at all).

Step 2
Add the frozen peas to a pot of boiling water over a medium heat and leave to cook for five minutes. While they are cooking, continue to stir the chicken in the wok every now and then while you wash the pepper and baby sweetcorn. Cut these up into small chunks (you may not want to use the full pepper, so save any that is left over in the fridge). Before the peas finish cooking, add the bag of microwaveable rice to the microwave and cook for two minutes (make sure to follow the instructions on the packet in case they are different).

Step 3
Next, after the peas and rice are cooked; add them along with the pieces of pepper and baby sweetcorn into the wok with the chicken. You may need to add a dash of water to lessen the friction between these different foods.

Step 4
Stir everything together within the wok for the next five to ten minutes, testing that the peppers and baby sweetcorn are properly cooked. When it comes to the chicken, test that it is cooked by cutting some pieces in half and ensuring there is no pink or red colour in the middle of the flesh and that the juices run clear from it. Serve in a bowl and drizzle with sweet chilli sauce as needed and your custom stir fry is complete!

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