Barbell Curl – Exercise of the Week

25 Jun 2019

The barbell curl exercise is great for targeting, training and toning the arms overall – but it plays a particular attention to the bicep muscles to help them grow and get stronger. As with all exercises, correct form is essential to both get the best results from it and also to ensure that it is completed safely to lower your risk of injury. Here we guide you through it, complete with pictures from our fitness team from inside the Westpark Fitness gym!

Barbell Curl

barbell curl exercise of the week

To begin, you will need to select a barbell. Make sure this has no weight plates or if it is a pre-loaded barbell (as pictured here), select the lightest one to begin. This is advised to start so that you can learn to complete the movement with as little resistance as possible in order for the movement to be both natural and manageable. Stand up straight with your feet shoulder width apart and looking straight ahead. Let your arms extend naturally downwards and grip the barbell with both hands in an underhand grip.

barbell curl exercise of the week

Next, curl the barbell up towards your chest – but make sure that only the upper muscles of your arms (the biceps) move at all. Ensure that you breathe normally but that you do not bend or your hips and torso do not swing. Only the upper muscles of your arm should move during the barbell curl exercise. Hold at the top of the movement before lowering the barbell back to the starting position. This is one repetition (complete).

If you find that you are having any trouble completing this exercise, please feel free to ask any of our friendly fitness time who can guide you through it, demonstrate it if needs be and advise on how many sets and reps you should complete to reach and maintain your health and fitness goals!

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