Aqua Fitness Team Training

13 Feb 2023

Ever wanted to try our popular Aqua Fitness class? This week some of our fitness team members will be completing Aqua Fitness training and so this is a great opportunity for you to take part in the class and learn some new movements along with them too! If you have the Myzone Switch device, you can wear this in the pool as it is waterproof – meaning you can earn some meps too!

Tomorrow (Tuesday the 14th of February) Atene and Lesley will be completing their training at 9:30am and Chloe and Ciara will be completing theirs at 7pm. This coming Thursday the 16th of February, Paige and Sharin will be completing theirs at 7pm. If you would like to book into any of these training classes (or indeed any of our Aqua Fitness classes), you can do so on the Westpark Fitness app up to seven days in advance.

aqua fitness team training westpark fitness dublin 24 tallaght

Aqua Fitness is one of our most popular classes as it is not only a fun group exercise activity; the fact that it is completed in the pool water means that your entire body is supported. The water also acts as a natural resistance for your body to work with and become stronger with – meaning you can expect to burn up to 250 calories or more. As an added bonus, the support of the pool water means the exercise provide twelve times the amount of resistance of land-based classes while only putting 10% of the stress and stain on your body and joints.

Aqua Fitness Team Training

As you can see, our team constantly upskills and refreshes their knowledge and training to make sure our members always experience the difference at their gym for life. Westpark Fitness is a premier fitness facility here in Tallaght, Dublin 24 – click / tap here to arrange a FREE tour!

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