Kids Swimming Lessons

Swimming lessons for children at Westpark Fitness are ideal for school going kids from ages 4 and upwards.

There are four courses all of which are based on ability of the child. There is an opportunity to progress from beginners right through to swimmers just as many children have done already. This gives the child both competency building skills and confidence and ability in the water too. The pupil/ teacher ratio for all classes are kept to a low level.

Beginners 1

This level will teach:

• Familiarity with safety around the pool
• Capable of putting face into the water
• Basic “prone” body position
• Front Crawl legs with two floats.
• Back Crawl legs with two floats.
• Breast Stroke legs with two floats
• Pencil Dives (feet first)

Beginners 2

This level will teach:

• Swimming with two floats or a woggle
• Elongated prone body position with face in the water
• Front Crawl legs
• Back Crawl legs
• Brest Stroke legs
• Butterfly legs
• Pencils Dives (feet first), Crocodile Dives (sliding in on belly)


This level will teach:

• Front Crawl Arms & Legs without the aid of a float
• Back Crawl Arms & Legs without the aid of a float
• Breast Stroke without the aid of a float
• Butterfly legs only
• Basic competitive diving


This course will teach:

• Swimming lengths of the pool and endurance training.
• Front Crawl with breathing technique
• Back Crawl with breathing technique
• Breast Stroke with breathing technique
• Butterfly Arms and legs
• Basic lifesaving rescues and defensive manoeuvres with lifesaving diving.
• Competition diving


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