Sweet Chilli Salmon – Recipe of the Week

07 Sep 2019

Get both a boost from lean protein and a flavourful spicy kick with this sweet chilli salmon recipe. Very simple to make, it is a healthy recipe for you to have that can be served with whatever you prefer (this recipe mentions rice, but you could also make noodles or a side salad etc.). As with most of our recipes of the week, you can enjoy this recipe however you like – such as a lunch or dinner option, or even portioned into smaller healthy snack options.

Sweet Chilli Salmon

sweet chilli salmon recipe of the week

Recipe Ingredients List

  • Salmon Fillets (two)
  • Microwaveable Brown Rice Pouch (250g)
  • Fresh / Frozen Peas (50g)
  • Sweet Chilli Sauce

Step 1
Heat the oven to 200° or 180° for fan assisted ovens. Place one salmon fillet on a sheet of tin foil and pour a thin layer of sweet chilli sauce so that it covers the top of the fish. Then fold the tin foil surrounding the fillet up together and bunch it together so that it forms a parcel that covers all around it. Make a small hole at the side of this parcel so that the steam can escape from here. Do this with the second fillet too and then place both of these onto a baking tray. Place these onto the shelf in the oven. They will take twenty minutes to cook, so after ten minutes turn the tray around so that they cook evenly.

Step 2
When there is only five minutes left of cooking time for the salmon fillets in the oven, add the peas to a pot of boiling water and cook over a medium heat on the hob. Tear open the top of the pouch of rice and cook this in the microwave for two minutes (exact instructions may vary by brand, so be sure to follow the instructions on the pouch you are using). Once the peas have finished cooking after about five minutes, drain them and mix them in with the rice in a bowl.

Step 3
Remove the baking tray from the oven and carefully remove each salmon fillet from the tin foil parcels (avoid burning yourself from the steam and boiling liquid within these parcels). An optional step is to use a knife to remove any skin which may still be underneath these fillets. When ready, serve them with the rice and peas and drizzle over some extra sweet chilli sauce.

As you can see, this sweet chilli salmon is a simple recipe that provides you with a healthy hit of lean protein, carbohydrates (from the rice) and overall nutrients and flavour. Discover even more recipes like this (along with custom meal plans tailored to your goals, a food intake tracker and many healthy tips and tricks) on the Shape My Plan app. We have partnered with them to offer this at a discounted rate to Westpark Fitness members!

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