Environmentally Friendly Gym in Dublin

16 May 2019

Westpark Fitness are beyond proud to be an environmentally friendly gym in Dublin as we plan to be one of the greenest fitness facilities in the country! We are actively working with the sustainable energy authority of Ireland (SEAI) and have already invested over €250,000 to slash our carbon footprint. If you know anything about Westpark Fitness you should know that we care – for our members, our staff, our country and of course our environment too!

Environmentally Friendly Gym in Dublin

environmentally friendly gym in dublin electric car charger station with front of white car visibly plugged into it

We already have:

  • Electric car charging ports for our staff and members to use so that they have the option of using their electric cars to travel to and from Westpark Fitness.
  • New air handling units which are made to be more environmentally conscious and efficient without sacrificing on air quality and temperature.

We are replacing:

  • Two existing gas boilers with two air to water heat pumps which have the highest efficiency rating on the market with an A+++ rating.
  • Three new air handling units for our gym, pool and changing room areas which use 92% heat recovery technology thus reducing our carbon footprint.
  • Eighteen new high efficiency cooling cassette units to keep all areas at the perfect temperature to train in.

We will have:

  • The cleanest, most comfortable and energy efficient air and water handling system in the country.
  • A greatly reduced carbon footprint with reductions and savings in both our gas and electricity energy usage – thus reducing our overall CO2 emissions.

environmentally friendly gym in dublin three green icons showing a leaf and plug socket and globe and car icon being eco friendly

As you can see, not only do we here at Westpark Fitness go above and beyond for our members – but we also extend our care to the local area, community and environment too! With the technology and resources available today, there is no reason that a premier fitness facility should not play their part by being an environmentally friendly gym in Dublin – or anywhere in Ireland! This project will ensure members can train in a healthy controlled space with minimum impact on the environment. With Westpark Fitness, we are your gym for life where you will experience the difference!

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