Coached Lane Swimming Class in Tallaght

12 Sep 2019

Want to improve your swimming endurance, stamina and strength? Our coached lane swimming class in Tallaght is the perfect class for you if so! It is held every week at Westpark Fitness so that you can learn and improve under the guidance of our qualified instructor. By getting accustomed to swimming in lanes, you can learn to control your direction, navigation and precision when underwater. This helps with your overall concentration and co-ordination which in turn improves your confidence when swimming. Held in Ireland’s only stainless steel pool here at Westpark Fitness, you can enjoy a more hygienic swimming pool experience and warmer water temperatures at all times during this class.

coached lane swimming class in tallaght at westpark fitness

In the class, your instructor will guide you through the correct form and movements to help you master the methods it takes to remain a proficient swimmer in the water. By implementing these tried and tested techniques, your swimming skills can only improve and go from strength to strength. As you may know, there are many benefits to swimming which include cardiovascular exercise, weight loss (due to calories burned) and an increase in lean muscle mass all over your body as your full body is used to stay afloat and power you through the pool. As such, there is nothing but benefits to gain with this class.

Coached Lane Swimming Class in Tallaght

We pride ourselves on ensuring you experience the difference with every visit to Westpark Fitness. Your swimming experience is no different either as you benefit from a hygiene team who keep the area clean and pristine, a lifeguard team to safeguard your health and wellbeing and your experienced and qualified instructor who guides you through the class. With this, every element of your experience is enhanced so that your learning potential, time and value is absolutely maximised.

Read more about the class here and book your place on the Westpark Fitness app!

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