WP Strong

What is WP Strong?

Burn bodyfat and tone, shape and sculpt your body all at once with the WP Strong class here at Westpark Fitness! Like the name suggests, this fitness class will use a mixture of techniques to strenghten your body and have it both feeling and performing better. It is held in our main studio and the class instructor will have it set up so that all of the exercise equipment you need is there and ready for you to use. You can expect to use a combination of bodyweight, TRX and more during the WP Strong class.

wp strong class at westpark fitness

Whos is it for?

The benefits of strengthening your body are numerous. Simply by moving and completing the exercises in the class, you will be burning calories which in turn helps you to burn body fat and lose weight. With this, your body will become more sculpted and toned over time – meaning that it takes on the shape of your muscles as excess body fat is shed. Along with this, you become stronger which brings benefits to your exercise outside the WP Strong class too – helping you to lift more weight in the gym and be more active and able to perform at your best. So when wondering who the WP Strong class is for, it is for everyone who wants some or all of these benefits! Booking required – see the class times and dates and book your place all on the Westpark Fitness app.


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