What is it?

The WP Burn class is held in the upstairs functional area of our gym and can accommodate up to forty class members at a time. With most classes lasting for fifty-five minutes, it combines strength and cardio exercises with circuit style training for a full body hit that you are sure to feel! The class requires you use the Myzone fitness tracker belts (demo belts can be supplied if you do not own one) as you can monitor your progress, meps (Myzone points) and heart rate when completing each exercise. Note that this class has replaced the previous Myzone class as it requires the use of the fitness tracker belts and as such is a version of a Myzone class in itself.

wp burn class at westpark fitness

The popular WP Burn class at Westpark Fitness is a great way to fuse your love of fitness with the latest in fitness technology. It also brings and immersive and fun element to fitness due to the large class size. See the class times and dates on the Westpark Fitness app.


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