Chicken Arrabbiata – Recipe of the Week

28 Sep 2019

Combining lean protein from chicken, energetic carbohydrates from pasta and a flavourful heat from the arrabbiata sauce; this recipe ticks many boxes for many. As it is homemade you know exactly what you are putting into your body and so it is another great recipe from Shape My Plan that can help you to both reach and maintain your health and fitness goals.

Chicken Arrabbiata

chicken arrabbiata westpark fitness recipe of the week

Recipe Ingredients List
• Chicken Fillets (four)
• Penne Pasta (500g)
• Passata (500g)
• Garlic Cloves (three)
• Small Onion (one)
• Olive Oil (one tablespoon)
• Dried Chilli Flakes (one teaspoon)
• Dried Mixed Herbs (pinch)

Step 1
Heat the oil in a large frying pan over a medium heat. While it is heating up, dice the chicken breasts and then season them with salt and pepper if you would like. Add them to the pan and cook them for five to ten minutes until they start to go golden brown on the outside.

Step 2
Remove the chicken from the frying pan and add a small dash of olive oil into the pan. Dice the onion and garlic and then over a medium heat, cook them together with the dried chilli flakes and dried mixed herbs for four to five minutes.

Step 3
Cook the penne pasta according to the package instructions. While it is cooking, stir the passata in with the ingredients in the frying pan. Bring this to the boil, cover it and let it simmer for fifteen minutes (stirring occasionally). Add the chicken back in for the last five minutes too.

Step 4
Combine the pasta, chicken and sauce altogether, serve and enjoy! You can also garnish this chicken arrabbiata with some fresh chopped parsley if you wish.

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