Change things up and take a class

24 Sep 2018

Change things up and take a class

Adding new challenges to your workout regime is a great way of progressing forward with your fitness goals. Whether you’re a veteran in the gym or a beginner looking to learn the basics, it is important to keep your body guessing as to what workout is coming its way. Classes are a great way of doing this as you will have top class workouts delivered by highly trained instructors here at Westpark Fitness. This added motivation can help push you to new levels of fitness. It is also great for people getting back into the swing of things as you will be brought along at a safe, effective rate.

Here is a sample of classes you should try and add to your programme:

Les Mills Grit

This is a great high-intensity workout that is guaranteed to burn lots of calories and helps tone your body. For any athletes out there this class is designed to increase your power for movements such as jumping, pushing and getting from the ground to standing position, plus many more. It also coaches people strong jump and landing positions which really help strengthen and stabilise joints. This will lead to a stronger healthier body.


This class is ideal for every type of gym user. It is a safe, low impact challenging workout. Here at Westpark Fitness, we have the best technology to help you reach your goals. Our Keiser screen and Myzone heart rate belts will help you track your sessions and allow our spin instructors to programme effective sessions to take you to new levels of fitness.

Les Mills BodyBalance

this class is a no-brainer in any fitness programme. As the name suggests the class is designed to help you find a balance in your body, your training and your life. The class is made up of tai chi, yoga, Pilates, balance work, strength work, flexibility and meditation. All these are effective methods in their own right. However, this class combines all this to leave you feeling better leaving our studio than when you entered.

Change up your workout
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