Avocado Toast – Recipe of the Week

27 Apr 2019

While avocados may have become very popular with Instagram users who are fond of posting pictures of what they eat; they remain a healthy ingredient containing healthy fats, vitamins and minerals. Their vibrant green appearance also gives them a healthy appearance too and they have become a staple fruit in many people’s diets. This is a simple avocado toast recipe that makes for a quick and healthy snack that is beautifully balanced.

Avocado Toast

avocado toast recipe at westpark fitness two pieces of bread covered in mashed avocado on a white plate

Recipe Ingredients List

  • Bread of choice (two slices)
  • Avocado (one)
  • Lemon / Lime Juice
  • Chilli Flakes

Step 1
After removing the skin and stone from the avocado, add it to a bowl. Depending on which citrus taste you prefer, add in a dash of either lemon juice or lime juice (this can either be squeezed freshly from the fruit (preferable) or come from a pre-packaged bottle). Sprinkle some chilli flakes in too and then use a fork to mash all of these ingredients together in the bowl.

Step 2
You can choose any bread to your liking to toast (of course choosing gluten-free if required). Toast two slices of your bread until they start to get slightly crispy but before they go rock hard. Next, spread your avocado mixture onto each slice with a knife.

Step 3
Some people at this stage may like to add a final dash of lemon / lime juice and even some more chilli flakes or some salt and pepper over their avocado toast for an extra hit of flavour. Serve when ready, eat and enjoy!

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