Shauna Bannon

Shauna Bannon is a world-class kickboxer and MMA fighter with a ridiculously successful set of achievements which are listed out below. As one of our sponsored athletes, she is a shining example of Irish representation on the world stage and within the highly competitive kickboxing environment. Shauna keeps her fitness in focus here at Westpark Fitness and also makes use of the facilities for active recovery and rehabilitation should an injury strike. She is also a fan of the Myzone fitness tracker belts to aid in her training goals and targets.

Her recent shift to MMA has also been a successful one. Not only did she win her first fight by TKO, but she has also been chosen to represent Ireland in the European championships in Rome being held in summer 2019!

  • WAKO World Champion x 5
  • WAKO European Champion x 6
  • WKC World Champion x 4
  • Irish Open Grand Champion Winner
  • Bristol Open Grand Champion Winner
  • Flanders International Champion x 7
  • Best Fighter WAKO World Cup x 7
  • Hungarian WAKO World Cup Winner
  • Over 20 National Titles
  • Bristol Open Winner x 4
  • Athens Challenge Winner