Evan Allen

Evan Allen is an American Football Player (Defensive End) for the South Dublin Panthers (the team is in the Top Division in Ireland in the Shamrock Bowl Conference). He has also been called up to start training with the Irish Wolfhounds (Ireland’s International Team).

In his first season of playing American Football, Evan was awarded Defensive Rookie 2017 when playing for the North Kildare Reapers. After the club merged and became the Cil Dara Crusaders, he was also honored to be a Defensive Captain in 2018 against the Meath Bull Dogs (helping them get thier first win of the season). He was awarded Defensive Player of the year 2018 with the Crusaders.

In 2019, Evan Allen joined the South Dublin Panthers (his current club) and went on to the Shamrock Bowl Final in 2019 He has been selected to start training with the Irish Wolfhounds (Ireland’s American Football International Team) this year and is very excited about it. In his words: “I’d like to thank Westpark Fitness for the honour to become one of their sponsored athletes. I would not be where I am today without the use of the large variety of fitness machines, free weights and of course their pool for recovery. Plus the staff are just amazing. You will not feel as comfortable at any other gym no matter what your fitness level and that’s down to them.”