Brigi German

Brigi German is representing Ireland in bikini fitness and female bodybuilding all around the world! She is a hugely popular person both here at Westpark Fitness and in her competing circles with a consistent work ethic that is hugely inspiring. Below you can see some of her recent amazing achievements as well as what she has to say about Westpark Fitness and how we help her reach bigger and better things in her bikini fitness and female bodybuilding endeavours.

  • Diamond Cup Hungary 1st Place
  • IFBB English Grand Prix 2nd Place
  • EBFF Top 6
  • RIBFF National Bikini Champion
  • NIFMA Bikini #1 Overall

“Privileged to be sponsored by Westpark Fitness! I am very happy as they have great facilities, new machines every few months and of course such nice staff who are always helpful towards their members and they have been towards me even when I came training a bit . . . hmmm whats the right word . . . not in the best mood!”

“Love to train here not just because of the professional high standards, but the atmosphere too. Usually after my sessions I use the spa or sauna which is always clean and tidy. I spend a lot of the time practising my posing in the class studio – it has amazing mirrors and lighting! Sorry to Lizzie as I always interrupt her before her class with my heels! Overall, thank you to all at Westpark Fitness for their support. I will do my best to make everybody proud of me!” – Brigi German