The Cutting Room

The Cutting Room

The Cutting Room was established in Westpark Fitness back in 2013 and it is headed up by Liz who after being in the industry since 1995 decided to start her own business. She began her apprenticeship in David Marshalls on Dawson Street in 1995 and worked closely with many of the top stylists of that generation. As such, she is an expert in the field of hairdressing and styling. Choose The Cutting Room for the cut, colour and style that you have always dreamed of as Liz is sure to work her magic to give you the hair aesthetic and style that you have always wanted.

Full Attention and Dedication

Liz has since gone on to teach in the David Marshall School of Hairdressing on Georges Street and enjoyed many years of teaching her skill and passing on her knowledge that she has perfected over the year. She has successfully grown her business here at Westpark Fitness where clients can expect her full attention and dedication no matter how simple or complex your hair needs are. Liz works with only the best and most industry-leading products on the market – all the way from the basin to the finishing products and touches. Working with Revlon for many years, Liz loves their product range and the company as a whole because they promise a beautiful shine while keeping the hair healthy.

Revlon itslef has worked with a number of hair ambassadors over the years including Emma Stone, Olivia Wilde and Halle Berry for example. They have also released their ammonia-free colour range which again leaves a beautiful natural shine while helping to maintain the health and integrity of your hair. Liz also works with Redken in retail and at the backwash again only using the best products because her ethos is that her customers only deserve the best!


We recently received a new award:

Ireland Active, National Quality Standard, Outstanding Leisure 2024

Ireland Active is a not for profit company limited by guarantee to provide support and services to create the platforms to professionalise our industry through standards and best practice whilst simultaneously developing the synergies to engage more people to be more active more often – thus providing for a healthier nation.


This accreditation is recognised by Ireland Active as the guarantee of professional qualifications in Ireland. It is the Gold standard for fitness professionals and the fitness industry here in Ireland, so it was important for us to have this in place for each member of our fitness team to bring the absolute best to our members. Click / Tap here to meet the team!


Our mission is a fitter planet

We have a proven track record in Tallaght helping over 18,000 local people achieve their goals over the last 20 years.


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