Yoga Classes in Tallaght

08 Aug 2019

If you are looking for yoga classes in Tallaght, you may be interested in yoga for anxiety that is held here in Westpark Fitness. Like the name suggests, this is a yoga class tailored to those who may experience anxiety, depression and / or stress. The mood and movements of the class are designed to help alleviate these aspects while stretching and strengthening your body with our qualified yoga instructor – technically known as a yogi.

yoga classes in tallaght

Each class is held in our bright and spacious studio with a single class instructor. It will touch upon what are known as the chakras of the body – energy centres that have been studied for centuries and can cause tensions and negativity when blocked. As such, the class works to target them to unblock them and let positive energy flow abundantly through your body. Please bring a bottle of water and sweat towel to the class. We can supply mats, but you are of course free to bring your own if you prefer.

yoga classes in tallaght

Made to be suitable for all yoga proficiency levels, meaning that absolute beginners are more than welcome, it provides a challenging and stimulating block of time with which to unwind free from external distractions and pressures. Your muscles will learn to relax and lengthen while you destress and decompress in our safe and serene studio space. With the assistance of our calming and passionate yogi, our yoga for anxiety class is sure to live up to its name and work to alleviate your anxiety and negative aspects which may be dragging you down in life.

Yoga Classes in Tallaght

Our yoga for anxiety classes are currently held every Tuesday at 8pm for sixty minutes, Wednesday at 12pm for forty-five minutes and Sunday at 11am for sixty minutes. Quite a popular class (we had to add an extra time this year), they are known to fill up in advance – so make sure to book your place ahead of time in the Westpark Fitness app.

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