Spider Curl – Exercise of the Week

27 Aug 2019

The spider curl exercise is a more unique way to work on your bicep muscles. Instead of standing or sitting, it positions you facing backwards on a bench and making use of a barbell or EZ bar for a more dynamic movement. Learn how to complete it here as demonstrated by our fitness team in our premier gym in Tallaght.

Spider Curl

spider curl exercise of the week at westpark fitness

Like with any exercise that may be new to you, begin by using the lightest weight possible so that you become safely comfortable with the movement. For this exercise, begin by using a barbell / EZ bar that has no weights loaded onto it. Set a bench to an incline position (45°) and then grip a barbell or EZ bar with both hands. Lie with your chest against the bench and drape your arms over the top of the bench while holding the barbell / EZ bar out in front of it. This is your starting position so make sure that you feel solid and comfortable in this position before moving to the next part of the exercise.

spider curl exercise of the week at westpark fitness

Keep your feet rooted to the floor and when ready, curl the bar up towards your face. The movement should focus on your bicep muscles so make sure that the top part of your arms do not move. The movement should be powered by the biceps as they work to lift the bar up towards your face. Return it back to the starting position and that is one repetition (rep) complete. Ask any of our friendly fitness team for a demonstration on how to complete the spider curl. They can also advise you on the optimum amount of sets and reps to complete to reach and maintain your health and fitness goals.

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