Military Press – Exercise of the Week

04 Sep 2019

The military press exercise is an exceptional movement to target, tone and train your shoulder muscles. A great show of strength, it is a more intermediate / advanced exercise that should only be completed if and when you are comfortable manoeuvring a barbell safely and securely. Make sure to ask any of our friendly fitness team for assistance and guidance before completing this exercise for the first time to ensure you learn to complete it correctly.

Military Press

militray press exercise of the week at westpark fitness

You will need plenty of space around you, so begin by finding such a space (for example at one of our weight racks or in the bench section etc.). Place a barbell on the arms of a weight rack and make sure there are no weight plates on either end of it. Using a wide overhand grip (which means the palms of your hands face away from you), lift the bar off the arms of the weight rack. Take a couple of steps backwards, so that you have plenty of space all around you, making sure to keep a solid stance with your feet just less than shoulder width apart.

militray press exercise of the week at westpark fitness

When ready, curl the barbell towards your chest and then press it straight up over your head. Hold it for a second at the top of the movement with your arms fully extended and then bring the bar back down to just below you chin. This is one repetition (rep) completed. Our fitness team will be able to advise on the optimum amount of reps and sets for you to complete in order to integrate the military press into your workouts to both reach and maintain your health and fitness goals. They can also demonstrate any exercise for you and ensure that you are completing your exercises properly so that they are completed both safely and effectively.

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