Improve your Balance with Westpark Fitness

21 Sep 2019

Life can be all about balance and so we place an emphasis on how you can improve your balance and quality of life at Westpark Fitness. As your gym for life where you experience the difference, here are three ways that we help improve your balance in your life.

improve your balance with westpark fitness

Balance Exercises
Every week we publish a new ‘Exercise of the Week’ blog to our website. Many of these exercises have an element of balance to complete them – usually working on your abdominal and core muscles. These exercises can involve the use of dumbbells, Swiss balls and your own bodyweight etc. to target and train all of the muscles of your body.

Make sure to check our website and social media posts regularly to keep up to date with these new exercises that can help improve your balance, concentration, coordination and more. Whenever you are at Westpark Fitness too, please feel free to ask any of our friendly fitness team for advice and demonstrations of balance exercises (or any exercises for that matter) that you would like to complete safely.

improve your balance with westpark fitness

Fitness Classes
We make sure that our huge class offering has something for everyone and as such we are proud to offer a balance of cardio, resistance and mixed classes. To keep a balance in your life and to keep your body working and moving in different ways, consider trying a different class instead of the one you always go to. You can see on each of our classes pages (click / tap here) the calorie burn you can get per class – so it can make sense to swap to something new to burn the same, or even more, calories.

Periodically we update our class timetables to promote balance in our studio space i.e. having availability during the morning, afternoon and evening times so that everyone can try all of our classes at some stage. Due to their popularity, you can book your place in any of our classes up to one week in advance on our Westpark Fitness app.

improve your balance with westpark fitness

Opening Hours
With opening hours starting at 6:00am and closing at 11:00pm throughout the week, we are proud to offer these long hours so that you can fit exercise and fitness into your routine. As we all know, getting regular exercise is crucial for our health and so we promote it as a necessary balance to counteract long hours sitting down at home, at school or at work etc. Likewise exercise has so many health benefits that you should consider it as a necessity – especially when we can spend so much time scrolling on social media, watching TV and relaxing overall.

By balancing these activities with exercising, you can feel less guilty when you indulge in a boxset or have well earned days of rest and relaxation. Remember too that unlike some other gym chains, you can come and go to Westpark Fitness as often as you like during our opening hours. We recently heard from a new member who joined us as to how she was unable to use her older gym for twenty-fours after she left to get a bottle of water from her car and was not allowed back in as the gym system had completed her session for the day without letting her back in to do any exercise . . .

Improve your Balance with Westpark Fitness

You are sure to see and feel the benefits of a balanced lifestyle with Westpark Fitness in your life. From specific balance exercises to a mix of fitness classes and long opening hours; you will experience the difference with us as your gym for life.

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