Exercise of the Week – Glute Press

17 Dec 2018

Make use of the amazing array of machines and equipment at Westpark Fitness – with something to target every part of your body to reach your fitness goals. This week we take a look at the glute press machine which targets the buttocks and back of the leg area with a controlled movement that is suitable for all fitness levels. Ask any of our gym staff if you would like to see how to use the glute press machine in person.

glute press exercise machine demonstrated by personal trainer in gym

What are the glute muscles?

The glute muscles are three muscles which group together to form your buttocks. Just like with the muscles in your arms for example, your glute muscles can be exercised and worked on to tone them and increase their size if you so desire. Their positioning on the body means that not many weight machines target them directly. That is why the glute press machine at Westpark Fitness (pictured above) is perfect to target them.

glute press exercise machine demonstrated by personal trainer in gym

How does the glute press work?

You stand on the glute press machine in an upright position and then extend your leg outwards to push against the weight (as one of our personal trainers Prabhat demonstrates in the pictures above). With this pushing motion, you should feel the resistance at the back of your leg and at the buttocks. The machine allows you to pick the perfect weight for your workout as you can hang weight plates from it in the most suitable heaviness that you are capable to complete reps with. To completely target your glute muscles, you will have to swap sides standing on the machine to work both the right and left sides of the buttocks.

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Our friendly team are here to help – so please make sure to ask any of our gym staff if would like to be shown how to use the glute press machine (or any of our equipment). Not yet a member of our premier fitness facility in Tallaght? Click / Tap here to book a tour or call Westpark Fitness on 014626911.

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