Decline Dumbbell Chest Press – Exercise of the Week

03 Dec 2019

To fully target and train the chest (pectoral) muscles, it can be advised to use different angles during the exercises and movements for them. When it comes to the chest, a flat angle, incline angle and decline angle are recommended to do this when completing the likes of the bench press or dumbbell press. Here we show you how to complete the decline dumbbell chest press which is ideal for targeting the lower part of your chest muscles.

Decline Dumbbell Chest Press

decline dumbbell chest press exercise of the week at westpark fitness

To begin, set a bench so that it is in a decline angle with the head and back rest as close to the floor as possible. Before even lifting any weights, you can lie down on this (making sure to keep your feet firmly on the floor) to see and experience how this angle feels. When ready, select two dumbbells in a light weight that you can comfortably manage. Hold these in close to your chest as you lie back down on the bench (keeping your feet on the floor) in the decline position. Make sure that you are fully comfortable in this position and if you do not think you can manage to move the dumbbells in this position, you are better to swap them out for lighter ones instead.

decline dumbbell chest press exercise of the week at westpark fitness

Extend your elbows out to the slide slightly as you hold the dumbbells against your chest as your palms face outwards. This is your starting position. When ready, extend your arms fully straight in front of you and squeeze your chest muscles as you do so. Return the dumbbells to the starting positon and this is one repetition (rep) complete. Ask any of our friendly fitness team if you need a demonstration or advice on how to complete the decline dumbbell chest press exercise. They can also advise on the optimum amount of sets and reps to complete in order for you to reach and maintain your health and fitness goals.

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