Chicken Skewers – Recipe of the Week

13 Jul 2019

Choose to cook chicken skewers (in a variety of ways) for a healthy lunch, dinner or even snack option. They are made with lean protein and healthy vegetables for a balanced meal option that is quick and simple to make!

Chicken Skewers

chicken skewers westpark fitness recipe of the week

Recipe Ingredients List
• Chicken Fillets (four)
• Red Pepper (one)
• Yellow Pepper (one)
• Red Onion (one)
• Courgette (one)
• Olive Oil

Step 1
Note that there are two ways to make these chicken skewers. You can either roast all of the ingredients in an oven, or grill them on a barbeque. Either way, start by cutting up the chicken fillets into cubes. Wash the peppers and courgette and cut these, along with the red onion, into chunks too.

Step 2
If using an oven, preheat it to 180°, line a baking tray with tin foil and place the chicken cubes onto it. On a separate tray, spread out the chopped up peppers, red onion and courgette and drizzle them with olive oil. Allow all of these to cook for between fifteen to twenty minutes – making sure to check that the chicken is cooked through (the flesh is not pink and that the juices run clear) and that the vegetables have not fully burned.

If using a barbeque, it is advised to grill the chicken cubes altogether on a few skewers and the vegetables on their own separate skewers. Like with the oven method above, cook these until the flesh of the chicken is fully cooked and the vegetables have not fully burned (charred is preferred).

Step 3
Once all of the ingredients have been cooked properly, add them to the skewers in whatever order you would like. Most people prefer to put a piece of chicken followed by one of each of the vegetables before repeating this pattern. Serve on an optional bed of lettuce if you would like and season the skewers with some salt and pepper if you wish!

Enjoy this summer treat safe in the knowledge that you are getting lean protein and fresh vegetables cooked in a healthy way! Want more recipe ideas like this? Enquire at reception about Shape My Plan – the amazing recipe and meal plan app that can be yours for only €4 per month as a Westpark Fitness member (usually €12 per month).

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