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08 Jan 2019

Westpark Fitness Blog

It is always our aim to empower our members with education, information and tips to help them reach their health and fitness goals. One of the many ways we do this is by maintaining an active blog on our website – with new posts every week. Keep up to date with the Westpark Fitness blog to read a new exercise of the week, a new recipe of the week and news from Westpark Fitness (such as new classes, events and promotions) every week.

westpark fitness blog

Exercise of the Week

As the gym space in Westpark Fitness is filled with state of the art equipment and friendly personal trainers and gym staff, every week we highlight a particular piece of equipment and exercise that you can incorporate into your fitness routine. These blogs serve as a great introduction to pieces of equipment and exercises that you may have always wanted to try – but just weren’t sure how. As always, with absolutely everything at Westpark Fitness, please do not hesitate to ask any of our staff members for help and assistance and they will be happy to demonstrate any piece of equipment or exercise for you and guide you through it. Some of our recent exercise of the week blogs include the Farmers Walk (click / tap here to read), the Glute Press (click / tap here to read) and the Battle Ropes (click / tap here to read).

westpark fitness blog

Recipe of the Week

As you know, maintaining healthy and balanced nutrition is hugely important to reach your health and fitness goals. The Westpark Fitness blog highlights a new recipe each week for you to try – great to try something new and to add variety to your meals. We are so proud to partner with Shape My Plan as a way to help you track your nutrition too. This is an app packed with recipes tailored towards your goals, information, tips and a nutrition tracker to monitor your intake and progress. Normally costing €12 per month, Westpark Fitness members can avail of it for only €4 per month. Some of our recent recipe of the week blogs include the Bean and Vegetable Stew (click / tap here to read), the Spanish Garlic Prawns (click / tap here to read) and the Pina Colada Protein Smoothie (click / tap here to read).

westpark fitness blog

News from Westpark Fitness

While we always keep our members up to date with any news, events and updates through our website, social media platforms, newsletters, onsite flyers and posters and more; the Westpark Fitness blog is yet another great way to keep up to date. Every week we publish a new blog post about our facilities, partnerships, new additions and more. Did you know for example what the benefits of a stainless steel pool (the only one in Ireland! – click / tap to read about it) is? Learn about the over forty people which comprise of the Westapark Fitness team of staff (click / tap here to read) and gain inspiration and motivation to stick to your fitness routine to maintain your health and fitness goals (click / tap here to read).

Start your 2019 on the right foot and turn your fitness dreams into a reality at Westpark Fitness. We are here to help you succeed – your gym partners who are there for you every step of the way.

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Pina Colada Smoothie - Recipe of the Week
Grip and Forearm Builder - Exercise of the Week


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