Get to know Liam

Hi, my name is Liam and I have been a member of the Westpark Fitness team since February 2018. I am a lifeguard and I enjoy the pleasure of ensuring safety and leisure around the pool area of this brilliant complex. Our pool generally has two swimming lanes set out – with the rest of the pool occupying free space. There is also a jacuzzi next to our pool area. While currently studying for my Leaving Certificate, I have a high aspiration for the future, which includes studying architecture in college.

Interests and Hobbies

I have competed and played in a wide range of different sports throughout the years which includes football, rugby, kickboxing, boxing, running and swimming. Since joining the staff at Westpark Fitness, I have become more interested in resistance and free weights training and I now use the gym complex regularly. I like to watch football every week and I also love listening to music, specifically hip-hop.


Our mission is a fitter planet

We have a proven track record in Tallaght helping over 18,000 local people achieve their goals over the last 20 years.


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