Get to know Guste

Hi, my name is Gustė. I am a lifeguard at Westpark Fitness and I have been working here since July 2017. I am here to assist with members and non members needs by the pool and jacuzzi. I keep the area clean, safe and perfect for an enjoyable time.

Being a student it can be quite stressful and tiring, and I love coming to the pool whenever I have the time, to wind down in the jacuzzi or to take a relaxing swim. The pool has two lanes, to allow for both  for slow and fast swimmers, and a large area for families, so it‘s perfect for any swimmer.

I like bringing my brother and sister into the big pool area for a splash around.

My Classes

I have recently started my own fitness journey. My goal is to gain strength and tone up, and our  instructor Lizzie has helped me a lot with getting started.  Although it can be challenging as a student to fit in time to work out,  there are so many machines here  that you are never kept waiting too long.

Sometimes I feel like I may be doing something incorrectly, however, I have on occasion been approached by an instructor asking if I would like advice on a particular machine,  which I find so helpful when starting a fitness programme.

Interests and Hobbies

Some people find it stressful or scary to start going to a new gym, but I find it such a relaxing and fun atmosphere here. Everyone is so nice, friendly, and the staff are very kind and eager to help, and its  so easy to make new friends.

Fitness definitely has become one of my passions, and others include art, literature and veganism. That is just a little bit about me.


Our mission is a fitter planet

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