Swimming in Dublin 24

02 May 2019

Are you looking for anything to do with swimming in Dublin 24? If so, the premier fitness facility of Westpark Fitness is your perfect destination! We are located on the Greenhills Road, Tallaght, Dublin 24 and have a great reputation as we are in business for almost thirty years. Here is all you need to know about our swimming facilities.

Swimming in Dublin 24

swimming in dublin 24 westpark fitness stainless steel pool

What is the Westpark Fitness swimming pool like?
We are proud to be home to Ireland’s only stainless steel swimming pool. This makes for a more premium pool experience in that the pool water is warmer (as the pool holds heat better), it is more hygienic (as the stainless steel is resistant to dirt and blemishes) and it requires less amounts of harsh chlorine in the water (due to the previously mentioned properties). As such, we can truly say that we offer you a unique swimming experience as the only place in the whole of Ireland with a stainless steel pool!

swimming in dublin 24 westpark fitness pool image of lane swimming and three swimmers swimming

Can I get a day pass or swim only membership?
Yes to both. We offer day passes for non-members who wish to use our pool and gym as a once-off. To purchase a day pass, please either enquire at our reception desk or call us on 014626911. For those who would like a swim only membership, we are happy to be able to offer this too. This will give you access to the pool, jacuzzi and the sauna in your changing area (separate male and female saunas) – as well as allowing you to take part in the Aqua Fitness classes if you so wish. Please also either enquire at our reception desk or call us on 014626911.

swimming in dublin 24 westpark fitness image of wet floor sign floating on four foam blocks on the water of the swimming pool

Do you offer swimming lessons?
Yes we do offer swimming lessons for both adults and children alike and cater for a mixture of ability and experience levels. We also offer coached lane swimming for those who are looking to train outside of this class format. Either way, our lifeguards do be on duty to ensure safety and sensibility at all times at and around our pool area. You are sure to enjoy the friendly atmosphere and professional edge that we bring to our swimming pool at Westpark Fitness and you are sure to want to visit it time and time again after you experience if for yourself!

For any enquiries about swimming in Dublin 24 (Westpark Fitness membership, swim only membership or a day pass); call us on 014626911 or visit our reception. You can also book a free tour of Westpark Fitness here.

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