March Myzone Challenge

06 Mar 2023

Now that we are into the third month of the year, motivation is on our mind as it is important to continue and remain consistent with exercise, health and fitness – it is not just something to wait until the New Year for!

As such, the March Myzone challenge is to reach at least 1,300 meps (the amount to reach each month as recommended by the World Health Organisation) and to add an image of a motivational / inspirational quote to every workout you complete on the Myzone app. With everyone who does this, members who use Myzone will see an abundance of motivational quotes every time they use the Myzone app!

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Motivation is an important tool when it comes to reaching and maintaining your health and fitness goals. Sometimes it can just take reading some words that resonate with you to help your through a workout or even to help make up your mind about coming to your gym for life on a day that you don’t really feel like it.

It can also be helpful to look up, read and repeat motivational and inspirational quotes to keep positive thoughts and feelings at the forefront of your mind. This can be beneficial in every aspect of life too, not just in an exercise / fitness / gym setting. It will also be interesting to see if any particular type of quote resonates with many of our members. Perhaps more than one of you already like a particular website of person for quotes and didn’t realise you have this in common.

March Myzone Challenge

At the end of the month, one winner will be chosen at random to win a €100 One4All voucher – talk about motivation! Best of luck to all who take part and everyone who does take part will be also encouraging everybody else too as we all supply each other with motivational quotes throughout the month! If you don’t use Myzone yet or are unsure about how it can help to turbocharge your exercise, fitness and workouts overall – click / tap here to learn more!

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