January Myzone Challenge

02 Jan 2023

To kick off the New Year, the January Myzone challenge is to get 2,023 meps! The usual monthly mep target is 1,300 per month (as recommended by the World Health Organisation – WHO), so this month the challenge is to get an extra 723 meps on top of this.

There are many ways to earn meps with Myzone both inside and outside of Westpark Fitness. Here at the gym along with your own exercises and workouts you can book into any of our fitness classes held seven days a week. This includes the popular Spin class (where you can earn between 180 – 220 meps per class) and more. Click / Tap here to see all of our fitness classes and you can book your class place on our app. As the Myzone Switch device is waterproof, you can also wear it while swimming in our stainless steel pool and / or taking part in our Aqua Fitness and Virtual Aqua Fitness classes too.

january 2023 myzone challenge westpark fitness

Outside of the gym, you can wear your Myzone device when going on a walk, a jog, a run or even a hike. Any and all exercises and fitness activities can earn you meps – it is all about movement! If you have a dog, a brisk daily walk every day with your pet can earn you around 20 meps (or more!) per walk and these easily build up over the days and weeks of the month. So don’t forget to make use of your Myzone device even when not at the gym as there are still meps to be earned . . .

January Myzone Challenge

At the end of the month, three winners will be chosen at random to win a one month Westpark Fitness voucher – best of luck! If you don’t use Myzone yet or are unsure about how it can help to turbocharge your exercise, fitness and workouts overall – click / tap here to learn more!

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