Getting back to a Gym Routine

07 Sep 2019

Now that the summer months have come to an end and most people are back to the likes of work and school, you may find it difficult getting back to a gym routine. What once was second nature to you can now seem like a distant memory after the likes of holidays, days feeling longer with extra sunlight and just the comings and goings of the summer months and activities taking priority. As such, here we present three tips to help getting back to a gym routine.

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Set a Christmas Goal
We’re not going to say how many weeks it is to Christmas, but as we all know time does move fast and it will be upon us before we know it. Use this date as a focus point for your fitness goals – setting a target for you to achieve by the festive season. So whether you want to lose weight and tone up for the party season, would like some extra lean muscle mass for family and friends to comment on when they see you at seasonal events, or simply want to work on your fitness for your own health and wellbeing; now is the time to start reaching for that goal. So decide on what you would like your fitness to achieve for you by Christmas and use that as the fuel to your visits to Westpark Fitness to both look and feel great this festive season.

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Plan Ahead        
What seems like such a basic tip is actually one of the most efficient as it works to get your mindset in gear and removes the random timing element to your workouts. With this, you will be able to know when you have free time to relax and socialise and when you have dedicated and scheduled time to work on yourself, your health and your fitness. Whether it be before or after school or work, mid-morning, afternoon, evening or night; Westpark Fitness is open from 6am – 11pm during the week so that you can plan to come in at a time that suits you. Having a plan in place also ensures that your workouts fit into your routine – as opposed to you trying to fit them into your pre-existing routine.

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Invest in Fitness Tech
You may know by now that we are advocates of using fitness technology when it comes to reaching and maintaining health and fitness goals. We have partnered with Myzone and Shape My Plan for example and also have our very own Westpark Fitness app to help you in this regard (click / tap here to learn how fitness tech works). While small, the cost of these fitness tech options can act as an incentive to you as you invest in it for your health and welling. Often we associate cost with value and so by paying for something, we can be more inclined to make use of it instead of waste it. So consider the use of fitness tech to do what it was designed for – which is to help you at every step of the way when it comes to your fitness journey.

Getting back to a Gym Routine

Don’t forget too – if you need to get back on track with your gym routine, you can book in at reception to meet one of our fitness team and if you book a programme review of your exercises and workout – you also gain 50 loyalty points!

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