How Fitness Tech Works

29 Aug 2019

Technology has come such a long way in terms of helping us to both reach and to maintain our health and fitness goals. In terms of both gym and workout supplements, fitness tech (technology) can be the missing link to finally reaching your ideal physique and fitness level. Westpark Fitness are proud to make use of fitness tech too – which you can learn more about below.

myzone fitness tech at westpark fitness

This is a lightweight belt and app that works to monitor your exercising by recording your heart rate, calorie burn, duration of workout and your effort levels throughout. The belt can be worn under your clothes and can be used both inside and outside the gym (such as if you go on walks or runs or exercise at home etc.). Why is this useful? It is useful because it can accurately show you how much calories you burn and also how your heart is performing, recovering and improving. We also run monthly competitions with Myzone too. Enquire at reception to purchase your belt too and click / tap here to learn more about Myzone at Westpark Fitness.

shape my plan fitness tech at westpark fitness

Shape My Plan
If food and nutrition is your downfall, this app could be your answer. An Irish company founded by two sisters who were unimpressed by being given similar meal plans albeit having different body goals; they created this app that empowers the user with custom meal plans tailored to individual goals, hundreds of recipes, a food intake tracker and more. Why is this useful? It is useful because it keeps your food and nutrition on track and on plan for your goals with many different options to keep your meals interesting and satisfying. What’s more, Westpark Fitness members can get it for only €4 per month instead of €12 per month. Enquire at reception to get Shape My Plan and click / tap here to learn more about it.

westpark fitness app fitness tech

Westpark Fitness App
We also have our very own app that you can use to book into our amazing array of fitness classes, learn more about our premier fitness facility, get offers, news, updates and more from your gym for life. Why is this useful? You can plan your fitness in advance by booking into our classes up to a week early and being in the know if they are any changes or updates to know about – such as guest passes available for your friends and family to avail of. Click / Tap here to download our app for Android devices and here for iOS devices.

How Fitness Tech Works

As you can see, this can help you in many ways and works to enhance your experience with exercise, health and fitness overall. As most people have a smartphone nowadays, you literally have access to this at your fingertips so that you can always stay on track and on plan – poised and primed to perform for your goals. Enquire at reception our browse the ‘Fitness Tech’ section of our website for any more information and to get setup.

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