Zone Match Cardio Club

What is it?

The virtual Zone Match Cardio Club is a class-like addition to our outdoor, naturally ventilated underground carpark area. Here we have equipment that you can choose (curved treadmill, rower, ski erg machine, sparc trainer, spin bikes, stepper) set up to comply with physical distancing and facing a large projector screen. On this screen you can see your Myzone tile when you join the club and work alongside the guides, prompts and timers on screen while energetic music plays to keep you feeling active and energised. Note that there are both medium-intensity and high-intensity options on for this club at different times. As you can see your Myzone tile on the projection screen, you are spurred on to match the zone and pace set by the virtual instructor – earning you meps along the way! You get a percentage match at the end of each class – setting a target to beat every time! Lasting for 45mins, the Zone Match Cardio Club is a great place to wear the Myzone Switch as the device can feel more comfortable on the wrist or arm!

zone match cardio club westpark fitness

Our new Zone Match Cardio Club does not need to be booked in advance through the Westpark Fitness app, you can simply turn up and join in (if there is still space remaining). When we re-open from Monday the 7th of June, on the app you will see the times and dates that it is on – along with the different medium and high intensity levels too. With the use of fitness tech with the Myzone belts used in the club, each participant is monitored and recorded to track their ability, progress and wellbeing overall. You can get the Myzone Switch for cost price, €75, at reception (RRP €160 online) and you can also eqnuire if you would like to know more about the class! Please note that during the times the Zone Match Cardio Club is taking place, there will be no RPM on at the same time. See the class times and dates on the Westpark Fitness app.


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