WP Teen Spin (Teens)

What is WP Teen Spin?

WP Teen Spin is a class for our teen members of ages 13 – 16 only. This is an indoor cycling class (known as spin) which works to improve cardio levels by using various intervals and resistance stages on the spin bikes. As such, the class is great to help build overall stamina and fitness levels – aspects which can be carried into all areas of over exercise and activity. Our class instuctor Matt teaches this class.

WP Teen Spin is a great introduction to fitness

For those who may have little to no experience with the gym and fitness, our WP Teen Spin class is a great way to start out. The class instructor will educate you on how to use the spin bike (which is a very popular piece of gym equipment) along with how different heart rate zones and effort values translate into an effective session of exercise. People can find this class relaxing too as it is a distraction away from mobile devices and social media.

Who is it for and how can I book a place?

This class is only for teen members aged between 13 – 16 and they and at least one of their parents must be a member of Westpark Fitness. While they are completing this class, at least one parent who is also a member must remain on the premises at all times. The parent does not have to stay with them for the class, they must just remain on the Westpark Fitness premises. So this is a great time to get in your own workout and even earn some extra meps! Teen members must book a class place in advance the Westpark Fitness app – please visit reception for app login details. Booking required – see the class times and dates and book your place all on the Westpark Fitness app.




What is needed for a WP Teen Spin class?

It is advised that you wear active clothing (such as a tracksuit or shorts etc.) and bring a bottle of water too.

How strong do they need to be?

The class instructor will provide options to suit everyone and as the class is designed as an introduction to fitness in many ways, it is fine if you have no previous experience of a gym or fitness classes etc.

How do I book a place?

The 13 – 16 year olds can book into this themselves using the Westpark app – please visit our reception to request login details to do this?


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