WP Fitflow (Kids)

What is WP FitFlow?

WP Fitflow is a class for our kids members of ages 8 – 12 only. It is a yoga-based class that works on both strength and flexibility. The actions, exercises and movements completed during the class help with muscle lengthening and relaxtion, the building of strength and stability and balance is also worked on as a result of these too. Lesley from the fitness team teaches this class and you can click / tap here to find out more about her.

WP Fitflow is a great way to introduce your child to fitness

As we know, physical exercise and movement is important at any age and so we make sure to be able to offer classes like this to our younger members. While the class is on the low-intenstiy side of things, your child will still feel the benefit with just the right amount of challenge and effort required as led by the class instructor. What is great about this class too is that it can offer your child a time and space for relaxtion – free from the likes of mobile devices and a dedicated time and way to move and fit in some exercise.

Who is it for and how can I book a place for my child?

This class is only for kids aged between 8 – 12 and they and at least one of their parents must be a member of Westpark Fitness. While they are completing this class, at least one parent who is also a member must remain on the premises at all times. The parent does not have to stay with them for the class, they must just remain on the Westpark Fitness premises. So this is a great time to get in your own workout and even earn some extra meps! You must book a place in advance for your child on your Westpark Fitness app. Booking required – see the class times and dates and book your place all on the Westpark Fitness app.




What is needed for a WP FitFlow class?

It is advised that your child wears active clothing (such as a tracksuit or shorts etc.) and they bring a bottle of water with them.

How strong do they need to be?

The class instructor will provide options to suit everyone and as the class is designed as an introduction to fitness in many ways, it is fine if they have no previous experience of a gym or fitness classes etc.

How do I book a place for my child?

The parent books a place for their child on the Westpark Fitness app – just like how you would book in normally for any of our fitness classes. You can see the class times and dates on the app and can book up to seven days in advance.


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