Rig Circuit

What is it?

The Rig Circuit is a functional based class carried out in our dedicated rig area on the gym floor. It is designed with the purpose of improving all areas of fitness such as cardiovascular, strength, flexibility, co-ordination, and agility. The rig itself can be broken up into different sections with numerous exercises performed at different stations in the class – all in a safe and controlled manner under the watchful eye of the class instructor. In this class you can burn up to 500 calories and more – the same calorie burn that our Cardio Kickboxing class also offers.

The rig contains a wide range of training equipment such as tyres, prowlers, battle ropes, slam balls and kettle bells to name a few. We carefully choose the exercises performed to make the class flow in a fluent and beneficial manner for each individual. The biggest benefit of the rig is the numerous adaptations we can make to suit each member of the class. There is always a progression and a regression on hand if needed.

Each member is sure to get the best out of themselves in this class while at the same time making their session both fun and effective. Each class will start off with a warm-up. This will contains some low level cardio movements which will help to get your heart rate up to to the desired level in preparation for the class ahead.

The instructor demonstrates how each exercise, station or movement is to be carried out throughout the rig.


westpark fitness rig circuit class

Class Structure

The class will then begin and the structure of the class will depend on the instructor teaching it. Members could be in pairs, working to certain time frames, or working in certain routines all depending on the instructors’ direction.

For example, in most cases the rig will be a full body session so the instructor may set up the stations in an order that performs upper and then lower body parts, or push and pull actions so the worked body part can have an active recovery on each alternating station. The main phase of the class could last thirty-five to firty-five minutes before heading into the cool down. This period will include some static stretching to finish off the session.


30 – 60 mins

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