Outdoor Bootcamp

What is it?

Like the name suggests, the outdoor bootcamp class at Westpark Fitness brings exercise to the great outdoors – making use of the outside space at Westpark Fitness. Complete cardio and resistance drills with the fitness team as part of this class, challenging your body in new ways outside of the gym space!

Type of Training

With the outdoor bootcamp, you can enjoy the great outdoors during this great functional fitness class. Lasting for sixty minutes, the class instructor will guide you through exercises and movements that work your body in new and interesting ways as you are not confined to the gym space.

Circuits and drills will include classic movements like burpees, squats and more and you will also interact with those who attend the class too as you work together to complete some of the fitness exercises. By bringing this class outdoors, you are given the benefit of exercising out in the open – skills that you can learn to use yourself too in the likes of a park or playground etc. should you ever want to work on your fitness in the great outdoors.


60 mins

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