Box Jump Exercise

01 Jan 2021

The box jump exercise (also described as the plyometric power move), is a great way to build speed and strength and is often included in workout sessions by professional sports players as it is known to enhance performance. The box jump exercise is also a fun and great way to get the body moving.

This exercise will strengthen your lower body muscles (quads, glutes, hamstrings and calves) while raising your heart rate and burning calories at an impressive rate. It is also a very versatile exercise as you can choose and adjust the height of the box that you are most comfortable with and gradually increase the size over time.

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To begin, get yourself a soft or hard jumping box at a height that you feel confident to jump, while knowing that the jump won’t be too difficult but also not too easy. Stand in front of the box with your feet positioned comfortably shoulder-width apart. When you are about to jump, you are going to bend into a quarter squat and swing your arms back. When you swing your arms back you are going to press yourself off the ground and jump on to the top of the box, landing as softly as possible. Your aim is to mimic your take off position when you jump onto the box – keeping your feet flat and your knees slightly bent, but not letting them collapse inwards.

If you notice that you are landing in quite a deep squat, this usually means that the box is a bit too tall and it would be best to pick a box that is a size or two smaller. When you are jumping back down to the ground – again you are planning for a soft landing on the floor right in front of the box. You can then get ready to jump again and get going on your box jump set. Another way of utilising your box platform is by stepping up and down, using one leg at a time. This will work your glutes and will also safeguard your joints while doing so.

box jump exercise blog westpark fitness gym in tallaght

If you want to bring the box jump exercise into your workout routine, this will improve your power output overall and you will soon notice the strength in your legs after doing this consistently over a number of weeks. A great place to start is to do ten sets of two reps, with a ten second rest between your sets.

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