Metabolic Based Coaching

6 week programmes supported by sessions, videos, science and more!

Metabolic Based Coaching programmes through science here at Westpark for members!

We offer 6 week personal training programmes for our members here at Westpark Fitness. We refer to this as ‘Metabolic Coaching’ as it involves one-to-one training sessions with a senior member of our fitness team and also incorporates metabolic testing from Health Matters based here at Westpark. This means that you get a programme that is completely tailored to you in every way – with many extras (listed out below) to help you reach your goals with the help of your custom personal training programme. Please note that you must be a member of Westpark Fitness to book in for our Metabolic Based Coaching.

The 6 week programme costs €399 and includes:

  • Metabolic test and analysis (normally €90 alone) and full fitness assessment including, weight, body fat and blood pressure measurements
  • One face to face personal training session per week for 6 weeks (normally €60 per session)
  • 2 to 3 pre-programmed sessions per week (depending on availability through the new senior coaches app)
  • Full video descriptions of all of your prescribed exercises from your training programme
  • Constant two-way feedback option to monitor progress and answer questions through the 6 weeks
  • Full review and reassessment of all fitness tests done at the start to give you a final progress report

Meet The Trainers – Filip and Lee

metabolic based coaching westpark fitness in tallaght

My name is Filip and I have been a part of the Westpark Fitness team since August 2019. I grew up swimming, skateboarding and doing martial arts; but I didn’t take any kind of training seriously until later in life. I always struggled with weight and my overall health until I decided to take things into my own hands. I altered my diet, started exercising, began learning and understanding more and overall enjoyed the process more as I was getting more and better results. I truly love being a personal trainer because it keeps me motivated to look for new, interesting and better ways of keeping myself and the people I love and work with healthy and strong. My focus is longevity, functional mobility, flexibility and strength. I believe in basic, simple (although sometimes not easy) and natural body movements to keep us strong, injury-free and ready for whatever life has in store for us. I encourage anyone with any questions to either find me on the gym floor, or book an assessment for a chat!



A review of training with Filip from our member Conor:

“The moment I met Filip on my first assessment he made me feel so comfortable. I did not have any previous experience working out or going to gyms so I was quite nervous going in at first. He was very welcoming and encouraging – making sure I had correct form and technique on specific exercises and never laughed at any of my questions. He is a huge supporter of my fitness and continues to try to push me to get stronger and encourages my growth. Whenever I have a specific movement I want to improve, he always provides exercises I can do to help it and seems to immediately become interested in what I am trying to accomplish. I find him very easy to talk to about anything even if its not to do with gym and I have a great time during our sessions and assessments throughout the programme. I really feel lucky to have been matched with him for my first assessment and love the enthusiasm he shows toward the gym!”


A review of training with Filip from our member Bernie:

“I was diagnosed with cardiomyopathy 2 years ago and was at this time told my heart function was only 50% and that it would never improve. Cardiomyopathy is very serious it leads to Sudden Adult Death and eventually Heart Failure. When I started training with Filip I think around 4-5 months ago he ensured that my heart rate slowed down before starting the next exercise which I have been doing. My strength has come on incredibly I’ve lost 12 inches which is brilliant but wait the icing on the cake was going to the hospital last week for a routine echo and check up with my consultant cardiologist he told me your heart has improved and it is now functioning at 61% not only is it beating and working at a normal rate my heart is working above normal. Imagine the delight when I told my Mam that my heart has got better. To have my mam throw her arms around me with relief was amazing. I did cry afterwards as it felt like a miracle had just happened. Just shows exercise is medicine and I took control of my heart problem with exercise.”

metabolic based coaching westpark fitness in tallaght

My name is Lee and I have been a fitness instructor in Westpark Fitness since 2016. Prior to working here, I have been a member since 2008. My desire to help people achieve their fitness goals was the main reason I got into the fitness industry. I am a Qualified Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer and also study sports nutrition. My main goal and passion with being able to help people with our Metabolic Based Coaching is to meet members through assessments and help them on their way in the gym. I feel this is my main strength where I work hard to help them to get sustainable results quickly and efficiently.



A review of training with Lee from our member Christina:

“I recently started training with Lee as I was looking for help bringing my training to the next level. I was already training regularly but felt I needed a fresh approach and a new challenge and Lee has done just that. He is extremely knowledgable and passionate about what he does, he consistently pushes me and encourages me to challenge myself even on the days I don’t feel like it. I’ve already started to see the benefits, he has helped me to improve my form and increase my strength. I am excited to keep working with him to achieve my goals.”


We recently received a new award:

Ireland Active, National Quality Standard, Outstanding Leisure 2022

Ireland Active is a not for profit company limited by guarantee to provide support and services to create the platforms to professionalise our industry through standards and best practice whilst simultaneously developing the synergies to engage more people to be more active more often – thus providing for a healthier nation.


This accreditation is recognised by Ireland Active as the guarantee of professional qualifications in Ireland. It is the Gold standard for fitness professionals and the fitness industry here in Ireland, so it was important for us to have this in place for each member of our fitness team to bring the absolute best to our members. Click / Tap here to meet the team!