Prabhat Parmar


Hi i am Prabhat, a certified personal trainer here in Westpark with a strong passion to educate and inspire others to achieve their personal goals. i have been into fitness almost 11 years. i enjoy going to gym on regular basis to maintain my fitness level.

As a personal trainer i treat each client differently recognizing that what works for one person may not work for another. Whether you want life changing body transformation or loose weight for an upcoming event, i can help you to reach your potential.

The goal of my personal training is to turn you into your own personal trainer. Only you are guaranteed to be with you for the rest of your life. Results to expect from your personal sessions


  1. Create nutritional plan based on your goals and on your personal profile.
  2. learn how to turn your body into ” fat burning machine” – loose upto 2 pounds of body fat per week and keep it off for life.
  3. Have the body you always desire.
  4. Get the motivation and inspiration you need to stick with your program.


Personal Achievements


N.B.F.I   2014  Got 3rd place in my first Irish Natural Bodybuilding Show.


R.I.B.B.F  2016  Got 4th place out of 24 contestants in Men’s Physique.