Joanna O’ Brien

Personal Training Profile

(Currently on Maternity leave)


Joanna O’ Brien

Peak Performance Health & Wellness Coaching

Joanna has been part of the team in Westpark since 2007 where she went on to study further into health and fitness.

Joanna has studied in England under the Chek Institute which specialise in biomechanics of the body, posture, scientific core conditioning and nutrition.

Joanna’s qualifications include:

* Chek Exercise Coach

* Scientific Core Training

* Scientific Back Training

* Advanced Program Design

* Holistic Lifestyle Coach Level 2

* Chek Practitioner Level 1

* Infant & Child Posture Development

Joanna’s client profile ranges from those looking to get fit, postural correction and even to world class kickboxing champions.

So whether you are looking to shape up and get fit or delve a little deeper into postural and core training Joanna can help you achieve your goals.

To contact Joanna:

Phone 0861606191